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Seeing a therapist isn’t always an option, so a team of Stanford psychologists created Woebot to check in on you.

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What humans are saying about Woebot

Having the possibility to chat at anytime about my feelings and emotions has stopped some of the worst thoughts and spirals. From all my heart, THANK YOU!!
I talk with Woebot every day and it makes me feel better.
I don't have the money to go to counseling every week so this has been a great in between appointments help for me!!
This is so much more than an app. It has helped me through the hardest year I've ever experienced, and I'm genuinely a happier, more capable person because of that help.
Woebot brings me joy every day. The lessons are very helpful and the app’s personality is super sweet and funny, which makes me laugh and smile, things I haven’t experienced on a regular basis in years.

Reduce stress and live happier

Chatting with Woebot only takes a few minutes a day and can help you start to feel better.

Discover patterns in your moods

Observe how your moods change by tracking them over time.

Use tools designed by experts

Stop negative thought patterns in their tracks with clinically proven therapy tools.

Available anytime, anywhere

Woebot is private and secure and here for you whenever you need, day or night.

Watch a real-world story

Hear from Woebot user, Masha, on how the app helped her manage stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Try Woebot free today





Woebot in the news

The nice thing about something like Woebot is it’s there on your phone while you’re out living your life.
In my first session with Woebot, I found it immediate helpful.
In that moment, when random worried thoughts were playing a mean game of tag in my mind, Woebot provided a bit of perspective and space.

Woebot helps you see the world around you differently.