Technology with heart

We’re infusing artificial intelligence with the empathy and expertise of a therapist to create a powerful mental health solution that can reach millions.

Technology with heart

We’re infusing artificial intelligence with the empathy and expertise of a therapist to create a powerful mental health solution that can reach millions.

Compassionate solutions for human problems

We believe that when technology is used to build understanding, it can help humanity in creative and effective ways. That idea lives at the core of our company and products, which deliver expert emotional support and tools in an easily-accessible app to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Woebot, our chat-based tool, is the delivery mechanism for a suite of clinically-validated therapy programs that address many of today’s mental health challenges, from generalized anxiety and depression to specific conditions like postpartum depression, adult and adolescent depression, and substance abuse.

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Groundbreaking digital therapeutics for a global crisis

In the last decade alone, we’ve seen a 13% rise in mental health conditions and substance use disorders worldwide. More than 264 million people of all ages and geographies suffer from depression, while 1 in 5 of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental health condition. Alcohol abuse kills 3 million people every year; 31 million who use drugs suffer from substance abuse disorders.*

Significant barriers exist to getting care, chief among them the longstanding stigma associated with mental illness. But there’s an even more dire reality: as recent events push more people to the brink, there simply aren’t enough clinicians and specialists to treat everyone who needs help.

Woebot was developed to be the engaging, evidence- based, and effective digital solution to help fill the gap.

Founded in science, powered by AI

Built by Stanford-trained psychologists, the Woebot app, platform, and all Woebot Health products combine decades of research in psychology with the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Together, they help Woebot ask the right questions to understand and evaluate a user’s emotional state, and safely deliver the right intervention to the right person at the right time.

Committed to clinical validation

Thousands of mental health apps are now available, but few have the evidence to show they work. We took a rigorous approach to demonstrating outcomes starting in 2017 when, in collaboration with Stanford University, we showed that Woebot helped significantly reduce symptoms of depression among college-aged adults. Since then, we’ve completed multiple feasibility and acceptability studies and randomized clinical trials with academic and government partners using established psychometrically validated efficacy measures, including PHQ-9 and PHQ-2, GAD-7 and GAD-2 and EPDS, as outcomes.

Determined to discover more

Woebot, our health and wellness app, is just the beginning. We’ve completed three randomized clinical trials and have many more underway. Our first pivotal trial kicks off in 2020 — part of a growing pipeline of therapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression and substance abuse designed to meet the expanding need for quality mental health care. Our commitment to both efficacy and safety testing is unprecedented among digital therapeutics companies.

“Woebot feels more like a friend than an app.”

The tech behind it all

Technically speaking, Woebot is an AI-powered, personalized emotional support platform that detects users’ symptoms and delivers clinically-validated psychological interventions to achieve better outcomes. But for countless users, Woebot is so much more.

Woebot helps people cope with life’s challenges by using brief conversations to ask people how they’re feeling and what is going on in their lives, then delivers useful tools that are right for the mood and the moment. People can use Woebot on their own or in conjunction with traditional talk or medical therapy to get reliable and compassionate support, right when they need it most.

A partner for better outcomes

Few companies can say their solutions are engaging, effective, evidence-based and scalable, all at the same time. Woebot Health can. That’s why some of the most progressive companies and organizations are partnering with us to make sure their employees and patients have access to quality mental health care. We’re working with our partners to expand EAP programs, develop complementary chat-based mental health services, enable digital assessment and intervention, and develop ways to effectively combine chat and medical therapies.

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*Source: The World Health Organization (WHO)