Empathy led, clinically sound

Our technology

The foundations of the Woebot Health platform were developed by Andrew Ng, a globally recognized leader in artificial intelligence. Intentionally designed using the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing techniques, the platform fuses technology, psychology and storytelling to deliver highly personalized experiences.

AI-powered conversations that feel natural

Woebot Health’s sophisticated Conversation Management System uses a modular approach to crafting rich and personalized multimedia conversations for each user. The conversational prompts are written by a team of clinical experts and storytellers, so chatting with Woebot feels natural and personal, all while being deeply steeped in rigorous research. And it gets better over time — the more people engage with the platform, the smarter it gets at interpreting and delivering new, quality content.

Personalized experiences shaped by empathy

Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why our solution is tailored to each user’s emotional state and in-the-moment experience. Our Empathy Engine delivers deep understanding by triangulating mood, context and situation, so that Woebot can deliver the right content at the right time, even at scale.

Smart insights that encourage reflection, and celebration

Woebot has perfect recall, and can spot and learn from patterns of mood and context over time. Woebot presents these insights as Smart Reflections, conversational prompts that encourage people to see for themselves the patterns in their thoughts, mood and behavior, to understand the root causes of their symptoms, and to celebrate milestones and achievements.

Managing risk, safely and accurately

Our Safety Net Protocol™ is an AI algorithm that uses Natural Language Processing techniques to continuously monitor and detect mentions of high-risk situations with 98.9% accuracy, so that we can redirect users to crisis management resources in their moment of need.

Delivering the right intervention

Every digital health platform must quickly identify and assess the specific needs of each user based on key early interactions. That’s why we developed Intelligent Triage™, a proprietary smart symptom monitoring and recommendation system that helps seamlessly triage users to a higher level of care based on their condition-specific needs. Intelligent Triage™ uses Natural Language Processing techniques like transformer-based sentence encoding, validated clinical measures, and active symptom monitoring to help us deliver the right intervention to the right person at the right time.