Security at Woebot Health

Our team works hard behind the scenes to make sure your data is safe, secure, and private.
This is our responsibility to you, and we take it very seriously.

Keeping your data secure

  • Woebot Health adheres to hospital-level security policies and procedures to protect sensitive user data.
  • All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption or higher.
  • Procedures for the anonymization and transmission of user data adhere to the standards required by GDPR and HIPAA.
  • For more information, please consult our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is our priority

  • We treat user data with the utmost respect and believe that users should be the owners of their own data.
  • We apply our backgrounds in clinical research to the treatment of user data.
  • For further information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Academic rigour by design

  • We believe in demonstrating outcomes using the most rigorous methods from clinical outcomes research.
  • Everything we do is informed by gold standard scientific research.
  • For more information please consult our FAQ.