Clinical expertise meets advanced AI

Our story

The Woebot platform was built by Founder and President Alison Darcy, a Stanford-trained clinical research psychologist and digital treatment development specialist. Along with a team of psychologists, Alison partnered with Andrew Ng, a globally recognized leader in artificial intelligence, to develop a conversational agent that would be emotionally accessible and clinically sound.

If you look at the societal need, as well as the ability of AI to help, I think that digital mental health care checks all the boxes. If we can take a little bit of the insight and empathy [of a real therapist] and deliver that, at scale, in a chatbot, we could help millions of people.

Focused on efficacy and safety

Because we don’t swipe or click through our problems, we talk about them.

Drawing from a therapeutic framework known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Woebot starts the conversation by asking people how they’re feeling and what is going on in their lives. Woebot remembers patterns to offer insights and help people learn, and provides tailored approaches as issues come up. Above all, Woebot is accessible, approachable, and keeps things anonymous.

But there’s more to it. We can combine AI principles and clinical expertise with chat-based technology to quickly analyze usage, deliver timely new content, and continuously monitor safety to deliver therapy at scale.

Our scientific approach

Best practice clinical guidelines and standardized efficacy measures are the foundation of the Woebot platform. Our expert clinicians draw from decades of experience in traditional talk therapy to translate clinical practices into engaging experiences. Our stepped care approach to mental health monitors users’ symptoms and severity and seamlessly triages them into targeted interventions based on their needs. We use the gold standard in psychometrically validated efficacy measures, including PHQ 9 and 2, GAD 7 and 2 and EPDS, to continuously assess the beneficial effect of all of our products.

Our groundbreaking technology

The Woebot platform uses the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to understand and evaluate a user’s emotional state and cognitive ability so it can safely deliver the right intervention to the right person at the right time. Our tailoring algorithm personalizes the experience according to the user’s mood, the description of the problem at hand, and their progress through the program to date. With our proprietary Intelligent Triage™ capabilities, Woebot can also detect condition-specific needs, and quickly bring users to more targeted care.